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FD11 aims to provide customers with an economical, efficient, flexible and long-life floodlight. The low-profile and stylish exterior design can be well integrated into various architectural environments. Available in four sizes and multiple lumen packages from 15W-120W, this product also achieve up to 150lm/W efficiency. Reliable IP65 structural design, FD11 is very suitable for general flood lighting of courtyards, driveways, buildings, billboards, etc.

  • Construction:
    •  Die-cast aluminum optimize the best heat dissipation management as the main part of the fixture, which effectively improves the LED efficiency.
    • Durable surface coating powder spraying and fully sealed tempered glass can extend the durability of the fixture.
  • Optics:
    • Optics(NEMA Type): 7Hx7V.
    • Scalable Lumen Packages from 2,050 to 18,000 Lumens.
    • The use of advanced refraction and reflection optical design concepts provides an optimal combination of vertical and horizontal illumination.
    • The heat-resistant and impact-resistant toughened glass maximizes light extraction while obtaining a great night appearance
  • Electrical:
    • Universal 120-277 VAC input voltage.
    • Both drivers have a power factor >90%, THD <20%.
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C – + 40˚C (-40˚F – + 104˚F)
  • LED Module:
    • Light engines are available in standard 3000K/4000K and 5000K (70 CRI) configurations.
  • Note:
    • Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application. All values are design or typical values, measured under laboratory conditions at 25℃(±5℃ ) specifications subject to change without notice.