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  • Construction:
    •  Rugged one-piece, die-cast aluminum housing with durable dark bronze power coat finish secures the thermally conductive LED panel and electrical chamber
    • Low profile, 3G vibration rated compact design minimizes wind load requirements.
    • Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants
  • Optics:
    • Light engines are available in standard 3000K、4000 K and 5000 K (70 CRI) configurations.
    • Scalable Lumen Packages from 5,450 to 40,800 Lumens
    • LED drivers are mounted to removable tray assembly for ease of maintenance.
    • Optics is precisely designed to shape the distribution, maximizing efficiency and application spacing.
    • For the ultimate level of spill light control, an optional house-side shield accessory can be field or factory installed.
    • The optics can conform to dark sky requirement.
    • Optics create consistent distributions with the scalability to meet customized application
  • Electrical:
    • Universal 120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC input voltage
    • Standard with 1-10V dimming driver(s)
    • THD: ≤20%
    • Power Factor: ≥90
  • Controls:
    • Optional Photocell
  • Controls:
    • Optional Photocell