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Architectural Troffer

The indirect LED troffer series offers a traditional modern design with the latest lighting technology. Transparent optics engineered specifically for LED sources are integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials to create a broad range of solutions with superior optical and energy performance. High performing optics allows for maximum energy savings and optimal illumination in a ultra-minimalistic shallow recessed fixture, provides a unique translucent appearance without sacrificing performance.

  • Available in 2x2ft and 2x4ft
  • US Patent (US D921,955 S), UL listed, DLC qualification and damp rated
  • It is architectural recessed lighting solution for commercial and institutional environments, including office building, medical, health, educational, retail, hotel, airport, hospitality, etc.

Transparent Optics

The unique design show a nearly transparent luminaire when off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when on. When the fixture is off, the center light engine becomes transparent, and missing into the ceiling that bringing a cleaner architectural environment.
  • It offers unique center shielding with round perf which provides uniform, low-glare illumination

Floating light engine- innovative aesthetic

It is a unique product that recessed in the ceiling. These remarkable elegant luminaries combine premium-quality aluminum and high performing floating light engine, making the illusion of the light floating in mid-air.

Direct and Indirect Light – optimal performance

Controlled up lighting and down lighting distributions Unique design with floating light engine that spans the light across the bottom of the luminaries precisely controlled optimal direct indirect light distributions between the direct down to the work surface and indirect ambient.