Adan maceteros

Teresa Sapey’s ADAN contemporary Collection for Vondom is an extraordinary creation that exhibits a lot of personality with its diamond-shaped facets. These versatile pieces go beyond just being contemporary planters; they can also serve as seats, flower pots, or even auxiliary tables. They are more than just objects; they are multifunctional architectural pieces that add a touch of glamour to any setting, blending in seamlessly with any style. Designed using materials that permit both indoor and outdoor use, these pieces are perfect for enhancing your lifestyle.

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Adan planter 49x68x70

Adan planter 30x41x42

Adan nano planter 13x17x18

Adan planter 70x96x100

Adan nano glossy


Teresa Sapey

Studio Teresa Sapey is an architecture and design studio based in Madrid since it was founded in 1990. The team’s guiding force streams from curiosity and energy. In fact, the range of fields approached by this practice is extremely broad: It varies from spaces to displays via furniture, graphics and editorial works. Projects not only stem from feelings, but they are also capable of transmitting these same emotions to their clients and customers. “By working with spaces my aim is to be touching and therefore render emotions palpable: Three-dimensional, even four-dimensional. No matter the feelings is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it! I believe that architecture should interpret, build and transmit these inspiringly and usefully”